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MFD creates up to date, functional spaces for multi-family properties, medical and dental offices as well as retail and professional office spaces. Creating one of a kind environments and working with a variety of budgets is our specialty.  Services include all phases of the design process from space planning, material and finish selections to installation of furniture, art and accessories. One of the benefits to working in a corporate environment for many years is knowing what works and doesn't work in offices and building common spaces. 


MFD will handle all aspects of your design project from conception to completion.  Whether you need flooring, lighting, furniture, art or accessories, MFD will help you achieve your full scale redesign goals. Construction trades will be provided or we are happy to work with your trusted partners. MFD will design, procure and install all aspects of your project. 


Design consulting is a great option for the client needing professional ideas and inspiration for a self directed project. We will discuss the project phase that you need assistance with and will tailor a plan that works for you.